Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm Coming Out!

Okay I have another confession now. 
Well maybe two.

I love all things Oprah. And well my mind exploded on Friday when I turned on my television and found out who was on her show. She is one of my all time favorites. Shes crazy. Shes a diva. She is a PERFORMER. She is Ms. Diana Ross. 

And she is bat shit crazy.
And I adore it. 

Say what you want about this lady but she deserves the praise. What she does, and what she continues to do is just amazing. And what style! Wow. The entire hour was dedicated to Diana her kids and her career. It was an amazing show from minute one. I say minute one, because they started this show the only way you could start a show staring Diana Ross. Amazing.

I was on my couch dancing by the end. Not a lie.

Then she ended the show with one of my all time favorites...
"If you need me call me... just call my name...i'll be there in a hurry"

Best part: Seeing Oprah act like a little girl singing into her microphone. ha.

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