Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Need A Doctor

This song premiered at the Grammys and has been stuck in my head ever since that night.

So great to see Eminem and Dr. Dre back together again. Its just like old times...like when I was in high school. Crap was it really that long ago. The fact that I've been out of high school now for almost 11 years is quite scary. But the fact that these two are still relevant and making really good music... thats impressive.

This video shows the journey to get Dr. Dre back... get it "I need a Dr." It starts out with old clips of him back in his group N.W.A. and shows how really the rap world has missed out on his genius. Thats right genius. This man is one of the best rap producers ever. I'll say it.

Plus it looks like he put on 50 lbs of straight mussel so I won't mess with him.

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