Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best Music Scenes in Movies

The blogging world is on fire today. I've read so many great articles especially this latest one from the people over at who have compiled their list of the 50 best music scenes in movies. And well they are dead on. Kind of. I would switch their top 10 around a little bit for my preference. But its pretty perfect

How perfect.... try and argue these picks. 
Full article HERE

5. Risky Business - Tom Cruise
We start off with the movie that kicked off Tom's career. In this scene Bob Seger plays beautiful background to air-guitars, couch tumbles and dancing around his living room. All while in a pink button down and underwear. Classic.

4. National Lampoons Toga Party
A little bit softer now...a little bit softer now...a little bit louder now...
This 1978 movie classic is so great for many of reasons, but this one scene seems to sum up the debauchery pretty great. There is a reason that this movie will stand the test of time.... and why college parties were never the same after the words "Toga...Toga...Toga" left John Belushi's mouth. 

"Now waaaaaait a minute"

3. Waynes World - Bohemian Rapsody
There is almost no greater memory of mine then sitting in my living room watching Waynes World with my brothers. Particularly my older brother. We loved the movie. Mike Meyers was our hero and this scene was an instant classic. Anyone who is near my age, who knows this song from this movie knows it to mean one thing. Its THE rock and roll song where you take your windows down, turn the volume up and start to scream at the top of your lungs.... and lets just not even get into the head banging part. 
What a classic scene!

2. Almost Famous - Tiny Dancer
Okay if this was my very own list without even thinking this would be number one. But unfortunately the number one is too hard to overlook so this clip lands at the number 2 spot. This scene sums up college for me. Every Saturday morning, my roommates and I would wake up sometime late in the morning, stumble somewhere delicious for brunch then come back to the house, put this movie on, and zone out for the next two hours. It always put everyone in a good mood. Everything in it from the acting to the music was just perfect. Yet when thinking about 'Almost Famous' one scene comes to mind. The bus sing-a-long. Yup... doesn't get much better than this right here.

"The evening is over...we hope you all enjoyed yourselves...and we will see you all again in 1975...good evening! 

1. Say Anything - Peter Gabriel 
I don't know what I can say about this scene that hasn't already been said. I mean forget music scenes, this is just one of the best all time scenes in movie history. And all it features is John Cusaiak, a boom box and Peter Gabriel's 'In Your Eyes'. So great! Enjoy. 

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