Thursday, March 3, 2011

Richmond...A Sports Lovers Nightmare

Zinger is introduced with an entire cast of ballpark characters.
Meet Zinger

Oh Richmond how I love you so. I moved here just about six years ago with a lot of hope and you have rarely disappointed me. You have given me nice places to live, work and play. The city itself is a gem, but we are lacking in one very major area. 


Yup. I'm saying it. We are the shittiest sports town ever! You need a race to run? Come to Richmond. Yet if you want to see a professional sports league.... you won't find any here. The closest the town ever had I believe was the Richmond Braves. The minor team for the Atlanta Braves. But we blew that one a few years ago and now we only have the hopes to become the laughing stock of the nation with what we came up with next. 

Last year the Richmond Squirrels made their inaugural appearance at the Diamond with their mascot... none other than Nutszy the flying squirrel. Nutszy. (he is to the left in the picture above)

This year they introduced his partner in crime......ZINGER

I'm embarrassed for us and I'm not even from here. 

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