Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1001 Greatest Albums

Robert Dimery once put out a book (above) called the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. I own it. Most really big music fans I know have at least flipped through it and jotted down some notes. Its an amazing read. He lists off albums from every single genre, every single walk of life and tries to get the reader to expand their horizons and really just appreciate music in general. Again, a great book.

Well today while stumbling around the internet I found a blogger who is literally listening then writing about 1 album every single day until she is done with the entire book. She calls her site go check it out its quite interesting. Now this girl Liz unlike myself or many of my readers is not really too familiar with music at all. In fact she was quoted saying she took on this project to "get out of her tiny music bubble". She is on day 385.

This girls mind is going to be blown after listening to some of these albums for the first time. I mean you could you imagine listening to such albums as "Graceland" or "Thriller" for the first time? Amazing.

Good luck Liz!

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