Monday, September 27, 2010

Rainy Day - Coffee House Music

Well its a gross rainy day in Richmond today.... I shouldn't say gross because down here we all know we really needed the rain. Its been dry for weeks and finally maybe some of those nice gardens will get refreshed. Yet as I sit here and listen to the rain hit against my windows I can't help but think that I would rather be at home, under the covers with my music. Rainy day music is my favorite. Its kind of like those Sunday afternoon classics that make you just want to sit around, relax, and appreciate the simple fact that you don't have anywhere to be. 

So today is my rainy day music. That music that I like to hear on days like today... 

(The over under of me falling asleep at my desk during these posts today is high)

First off is one of my favorite artists Joshua Radin called "What If You" and a video made obviously by a fan, but its just perfect for the video. Enjoy your rainy afternoon...

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