Thursday, September 16, 2010

Road Trip....Again

I'm back on the road tomorrow afternoon for another weekend with the family up in New Jersey. Well let me correct that, I'm going up to bring my NY JETS a little bit better luck then last week. I will be hitting 95 headed north and will not stop until I hit Tony's Pizza in Morris Plains, NJ. Thats right, I stop at my favorite pizza place before I even get to my parents house. Its just something that I have been doing since college, and since moving to Virginia. The land of horrible pizza.

So in preparation for this road trip I'm revamping my ipod. Removing the music on it now, and well starting over. I needed some different things to listen to and well last night when watching (again) the 100 greatest artists of all time, I thought....whats the greatest song of all time. And you know what that should be my playlist.

So as you can imagine today I have carefully carved out a playlist of the top 200 songs of all time. I now have them all in one easy playlist and well, I think its going to be a pretty fantastic trip.

If you're wondering where I compiled my list, I used a few different sites. Rolling Stone Magazine had a list, SPIN magazine had another list, as well as many random blogs and websites. So its kind of the best of the best.

I've got songs ranging from The Clash to The Cure, CCR to Bob Dylan, Sonic Youth to Dr. Dre, this road trip is going to be epic (at least for my ears).

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