Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glee - Brittany S. Pearce

Last night one of my favorite shows GLEE had their Brittany Spears episode and while it probably wasn't as good as their Lady Gaga episode it was certainly impressive. Impressive really because of Heather Morris. Heather who plays "Brittany" on GLEE was originally hired to be a back up dancer on the show, yet quickly rose to stardom from her great one liners like "Do you know Dolphins are just gay sharks?". 

Last night they finally gave her an entire episode and of course it was the Brittany episode I mean her real name is "Brittany S. Pearce" and "she has been living in the shadow of Brittany Spears her entire life" . I can't really complain. I mean I really think that Heather out danced even the real Brittany. Its impressive. Really impressive. Check out these moves... if you squint your eyes you will think its the real thing and forget all about Brittany's head shaving crazy real life.

Oh and yes that is John Stamos too! Double bonus!!

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