Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Phish - Halloween

Going Phishin For Halloween

Well to anyone familiar with this blog, or my life knows that I am a Phish fan. I don't follow them around as much as I would like to anymore but I still get to see enough shows to keep me happy. This year I am excited to say that I'm going to see my first Phish Halloween show. Ahhhhh!!

To all that aren't familiar Phish has had a tradition for years that they take one of their sets on Halloween night and does a "musical costume" meaning they cover from front to back one of their all time favorite albums. They have done ones by the Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Who to name a few. Every time bringing the house down with every note.

Now this year we are headed to Atlantic City. Thats right people... I'm going home to go Phishin... Should be interesting what they pick to play. Will they cover a Bruce album? They are playing in southern NJ? Whatever they decide to play, I will be there, with my three best friends, dancing, dancing...dancing. And, I'm finally going to cross another one off my music bucket list in the process! Phish Halloween - Check.

Check out the vintage video below from after their Halloween 1996 show. 

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