Monday, September 13, 2010

Lady Gaga - VMA Fashion 101

Okay let me just put this out there. I love Lady Gaga. I love that she is in the music industry, pushing people to top themselves. I love that she is in the fashion industry being a muse to some of the top designers in the game. I love the person she is to her fans, a role model to many who categorize themselves as the "non cool kids" in school. I just really love her!

That being said, can we now talk about her outfits for the VMA's last night?? When Lady Gaga goes places she is not just there to show up she is there to make a statement. She wants the world to know that she has arrived and well she is bringing her style and attitude as well. This is what makes her so unapologetic for her behavior in turn making her a fantastic artist, who is true to herself.

Last night she used the VMA's as her own runway, showcasing at least three fantastically whimsical outfits that were no doubt made just for her. These award show red carpets have turned into a circus due to Lady Gaga and its fantastic. She pushed people like Beyonce to try out different things and well to be true to whatever you want to wear. I mean come on. Last night she wore an entire get-up made out of meat (including a head piece). (I'm sure PETA is having a field day today)

And to make the style last night even more insane MTV did something crazy. They brought on Cher (the queen of all outfits) out on stage to present the last award of the evening. When Cher came out on that stage last night the crowd burst into cheers. You see she was rocking the SAME outfit as she did in the "Turn Back Time" video. Yes that one.

At this moment everything inside me turned into a Lady Gaga cheering section. I was begging that she would win so that I could get this one picture. A picture worth a thousand words. A picture that needs absolutely no explanation.

She won. I got my picture and well its pretty amazing!

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