Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top 100 Artists (Update!)

So a few weeks ago, I wrote THIS BLOG. It talked about how VH1 was getting ready to release their own "Top 100 Artists of All Time" countdown. They released the list prior to the show, except for that they didn't tell us the order of the top five people. (These five are in no order: Led Zepplin, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson) I spent the last few weeks, waiting for the premiere and figuring out what is my order out of these five great artists. I thought long and hard and well by the time the show actually premiered last week I was pretty set with my picks. Eager to see how my order stacked up against theirs.

Well, I wasn't really too surprised to find that I got it down exactly correct. I mean of course I did. I would be pretty mad at myself if I wasn't close. I mean these top five artists have never left my ipod. They are the greatest to ever grace a stage. Each one of them in their own right deserves the number one spot. Each one of them changed the world with their music. I know that without each one of these artists I would not have this blog, I would not enjoy music as much as I do, and well the world (including myself) would have been lost without them.

The top five artist of all time (according to VH1 and I guess myself are):

5. Bob Dylan
4. Rolling Stones
3. Led Zepplin
2. Michael Jackson

and of course... really did we even have to think about this
1. The Beatles

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