Monday, September 13, 2010

JMU Pulls Off The Upset of the Year!

Madison James Madison!!!! We are the Dukes of JMU!!!

Well well well what do we have here? A post about James Madison athletics? Could it be?

To anyone living within the Virginia state lines this weekend heard about the epic upset that my alma mater James Madison University pulled off against the national ranked and over all superior athletic rival Virginia Tech.

Many are calling the game the "upset of the college season 2010" or "the greatest win win JMU school history". Whatever they decide on in the end, I will tell you this. This game will not be forgotten by JMU fans anytime soon. You see when I was there it wasn't a horrible statement to tell outsiders that "yes, our marching band is better than our football team". Or to laugh when someone invited you to a game.

But that has all changed now. The last few years JMU has listened to the alumni complaints of "really the only thing wrong with JMU is their non existent athletic program". And really its so true. JMU is a great college that gives you a great experience. The only thing that I felt like I was missing out on at all going there was to have the big school athletic program excitement. With that the JMU college would be complete.

Well.... bravo JMU. Great job growing the program to a point that we are even competitive with a nationally ranked school. Thanks to the coaches who were amazing in preping these kids for the game of their lives. And thank you most of all to the players on Saturday who made every former JMU student proud.

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