Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dance Movie

So this weekend while out visiting one of my best friends in California, we did something that most people would laugh at us for. We seriously went to go see Step Up 3d. Yes that dance movie. In 3d. It was amazing. haha. I mean as amazing as a dance movie with a overly predicable plot would be.

For example. This was an exact scene: The young couple in the movie go are walking down the street in NYC. They stop over a grate that leads down to the subway. Using their slushes that they just brought from 7-11 use the the ice drink (and the 3d) to literally pour out and spell their names in the sky. Cause thats realistic right? haha oh movies.

And well since seeing that movie I have felt the sudden urge to break out and dance wherever I go. Now this would be fine if I could actually bust a move. Unfortunately if I tried to do such a thing, even more embarrassment would ensue.

But to get to the point. The following song has been stuck in my head for the last five days.

And no this is not the typical music I listen to. AT ALL. Again - read the title of this blog... No Judgments! :)

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