Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Best New Artist....

Okay well you can say that I'm kind of obsessed now. In the last two weeks I have purchased every album from this artist and well thanks to the internet I found some of her early work and its just how I pictured it... amazing.

Florence and the Machine is a musical act that the world needed. The wonderful world of music was going through one of its phases. This tune. There are literally artists out there with number 1 singles who can't actually sing. Shocking right. They use machines to make their voices sound on tune, make them sound perfectly in harmony no matter how tone deaf they are. Check out most of the songs in the top 40 right now, easily 70% use auto tune. This is just one of the reasons Florence and her talent were needed.

The music industry needed a wake up call and we got it. Florence has hit the music scene hard in the last few months. Her new single "Dog Days are Over" has been used in the trailer to "Eat Pray Love" and has garnered instant success. And now after her epic VMA performance I'm hoping that we have not seen the last of her for a very long time!

If you enjoy good music, go download Florence's latest cd called "Lungs". Its amazing. It includes this one which is her version of the Candi Station classic "You've Got the Love".

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