Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football?

I love football. I do. I blame this obsession entirely on my father who from an early age dressed my brothers and I in over sized coats and dragged us to the Meadowlands in NJ to watch our favorite team the NY Jets. Year after year after year of disappointment followed with our team being probably one of the worst in the league. Yet every year, every Sunday in fact we would either gather around the tv in the living room or make the pilgrimage to the game no matter what.

It was just something that we did. We were proud to be JETS fans. Didn't matter the score (really it didn't...we sucked) but we had a ball. Some of my favorite memories was throwing nickels down the escalators on the way out, the threats that if we didn't behave they would toss us over the top (our seats were four rows from the top of the stadium), I loved the "jet" flyby at the start of the games, the tailgating, the people in our section... there was "Harriet" the section mom who brought twizzlers to all the games and then there was a man known only by his first name "Blood" he would dress in full camouflage and would by games end be head to toe in fake blood screaming out the opponents and sometimes pretending to eat the meat of the mascot. It was a damn circus.

When I moved down here to Va it was probably one of the things that I missed the most about NJ. These games were the one time a week where my brothers, dad and I would bond. We had (and this was rare) common ground. We all agreed. It was perfect.

I still continue to watch and follow games. Even signing up for the damn NFL package for my tv so I can watch the Jets game and not have to sit through another season of the deadskins.

Hell last year the JETS surprised us all and made it to the AFC championship game in Indianapolis. My Dad, brothers and I were obviously not going to miss that. So yup, we loaded on a plane from three different locations and met out there for what was one of the funner weekends of my life. Win or no win. It was a blast.

So yeah you can say that I'm a tad bit excited for the start of the season tonight.

Just a tad.

(oh and if asking how this is music related? Harry Conick Jr. is playing in the commercial above)

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