Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Usher... Still Has It.

"Dance Like Its The Last Night Of Your Life"

That is a lyric from Ushers new song "DJ Got Us Falling In Love", and well its a fantastic song. Unlike the last release from his latest album "OMG" this one does not have to rely on any fancy vocal tricks its just a great song with a great dance beat. Because lets all be honest, we listen to Usher's music to dance. He has put out such club thumping music like "Oh Yeah", "You Make Me Wanna" and "Confessions". These songs are epic dance songs and well this one follows suit.

Check out the music video below which is very well produced and does what it should... shows off the fact that although there are younger kids in the game right now, Usher is not giving up his top spot anytime soon!

And if you want even more Usher after this, go to mtv.com and check out his VMA performance. Amazing.

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