Monday, September 13, 2010

MTV Video Awards

So last night I continued with the tradition I've been keeping since middle school and sat down to watch the infamous "MTV Video Music Awards". You know the show that made headlines last year when Kanye West got up and stole poor little Taylor Swifts awards. Or if your older like me you remember such ridiculousness like the Britney/Madonna Kiss or when Courtney Love intruppted Madonna on the red carpet OR when Gun and Roses put on the most epic performance of "Welcome to the Jungle". You can say these awards have seen their fair share of epic craziness.

Last night was no different. There were a slew of notable performances and a slew of lip syncing wannabes who proved that they belong back on the disney channel (I'm talking to you Justin Beiber).

Yet there was one performance from last night that was so far beyond everyone else in the room. A song so well performed that it may have even given her a jump start for success here in America.

I've talked before about Florence and the Machine and my undying love for them. Well, after watching the show last night I'm even more impressed with them. This left me speechless.

More from the VMA's to follow today...

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