Monday, September 13, 2010

RIP Tupac

"For every dark night, theres a brighter day"

I'd like to take a moment out of the regular scheduled posting today to pay respects to a rap legend who lose his life way too early. It was an early morning on this day in 1996 when the world learned of 2pac's passing after being taken to the hospital after a drive by shooting days earlier.

This was a blow to not only the rap community but to the music world in general. See 2pac will go down in history as one of the two greatest rappers to ever grace a stage. (I see him and Biggie in a complete deadlock). But where 2pac differed from biggie was the way he spoke. His rhymes were like poetry speaking to his community and to his fans. He spoke the truth. He rapped about real things, not just money and power. You knew you were listening to a 2pac song within the first 30 seconds. It was that easy to recognize his style.

When the world lost him, we lost a big talent. I mean who knows where the rap game would have went if he was still alive to this day? Could you imagine?

So today, I pause to remember a great musician. To someone who inspired the masses and to a man who really just spoke the truth.

The following video for his song "Changes" is easily my favorite of his of all time.

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