Tuesday, September 7, 2010

They Say Its Your Birthday

Tomorrow is the day.

I turn the big 2-8.

Something about that number makes me feel like I'm finally making a dent in this whole aging business. Before it was just another year, but something about the 8 at the end of that number makes me feel a little older. My dad always told me that there are some ages when you turn them they feel young, and then some like ending with an 8, make you feel a little older. I totally understand this now.

Now by all means this is not a bad thing. I can actually say that this year looking at my life the day before I turn another year older, I'm quite happy with the way things are going. The last year of my life has been nothing short of crazy. Crazy good, crazy bad, crazy insane, and well isn't that what life is all about. Keeping things interesting.

I've learned a lot this year. Especially about myself and my surroundings. The best lessons I have been able to teach myself. And its these that I am most proud of. So here is some of those important things I have learned over the last year.

1. Throwing yourself out of an airplane is a good way to teach yourself about the world. I will never ever forget that first moment of seeing the earth at a new angle.

2. Working a job you love will completely change your life.

3. Writing a blog is not only a great way to keep yourself active doing and researching the things you love, its a great way to find out exactly what that passion is and dive into it without fear of judgement.

4. I love my family. Whether we are in a paddle boat around Richmond or at an AFC championship game. I'm lucky to have these people in my life.

5. Going on vacation with 30 of your best friends is something that everyone should be so lucky to do. That week changed me.

7. I learned again the painful lesson of: Life is way too short make the most of it. Everyday.

8. You are never too old to load yourself in the car and go on phish tour. Never.

9. Do not be afraid to call in "emotional favors" to your best friends when you need them. Sometimes its nice to know that those people that you have stuck up and defended for years are really there for you when you need. And well, like always, learn from those who are absent during this time as well.

10. I love surprise visitors (especially by members of my family)

Finally the thing that I learned by far the most this year is the type of person that I am. The type of daughter I am. The type of sister I am. The type of friend I am. The worker I am. And really just the type of woman I have become. In this last year alone I've learned so much about what I can handle. What I can do for others and really what I can do for myself.

So yeah, if you ask me if I'm excited about my 28th year. Heck yeah I am. After 27, why wouldn't I be.

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  1. well, i think you certainly exemplify the expression "another year older, another year wiser". happy (day before) birthday my friend. lots of love. xo