Friday, February 10, 2012


Hey, guess what? It is Friday again.

I don't really have much energy to write today, work has me extremely frustrated and well, the fact that I'm working 12+ hours today is not helping too much. Hopefully I get out of here at a normal time and get a little bit of relaxing done this weekend... (I sure need it).

One other thought about the weekend, Sunday is the Grammy Awards and while I do not watch them (because I think that they are not a great representation of what should be honored in music) I do hope that Adele and Bon Iver wins big. If Bon Iver doesn't win 'Best New Artist' or if Adele doesn't win 'Album of the Year' it will further confirm the awards as a fail for me. So good luck to you both.... 

Have a great weekend everybody. I think we may get some snow in Richmond... yay. 

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