Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Love Disney!

Above you will find a video for a tour through Disneyland in 1957. Its pretty neat to see the set up of the park and all the things that have remained the same over the last 50+ years. 

I have a slight love affair with Disney. I was lucky enough as a kid to have parents that thought it was important to expand our imaginations. To let us dream, and let us discover. Many of this was done in our trips to Disney down in Florida. I think I went about three times. Each time either one of my brothers or I were at the perfect age to be blown away. I have a favorite picture of me when I first spot Mickey, the look of happiness on my face is indescribable. I loved everything about that place. And bravo to my parents for making our dreams come true. 

I remember one time we went, we always had to leave at like 5am to catch the flight, my mom woke us up early and had my brothers and I keep a look out for the car that was going to take us to the airport. I remember my mom telling me, "now its a small car, and it may miss the house so keep an eye out for it!". With my brothers and I all there staring out the window the next thing that happened blew our minds. A limo pulled into the driveway. A big old limo. Now you have to understand we had never really seen nor had a ride in a limo in our entire life and we all just took off around the House screaming. Vacation was here!

Those are the moments I will always cherish. The moments that my parents made our dreams come true. Did we have everything growing up? Nope. But we did have two parents who worked hard in letting us know that everything is possible if you dare to dream. 

And three dreamers were made, nourished and are now out making it in this world. 

Moral of this story... I want to go back to Disney.

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