Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Voice Recap

Hello and Happy Wednesday. Sorry that I have been pretty lame this week but work has been ruling my world the last few days and today it is finally time to breath. 

Now I'm not going to say that I'm a reality show junkie but there comes a time at night when I'm flipping through channels and well if you can hold my attention for more then a few minutes then I'm sold. This is originally how I got into watching this new show 'The Voice'. I had never heard of it then flipping through the channels I saw these blind auditions and I was sold. Something about a blind audition makes me very happy. These shows can't stack their shows with the types of talent that 'they wan't' (i'm looking at you American Idol and your typecasting) but these blind auditions let people who would have never made it onto these other shows a shot. 

Like Juliet Simms. From what I hear she fronts a band called Automatic Loveletter and has been on the Warped Tour before but she has never really made it big. Well I think she has got her shot now! She absolutely killed it the other night with her rendition of one of my favorites 'Oh Darlin'. No surprise that the judges had a big fight over who would coach her... 

Enjoy the video below, its pretty bad ass. 

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