Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar 2012

Its Oscar night! That is right the handing off of those mighty important gold statues is only about an hour and a half away and I'm slowly getting more and more excited. While I do not have high hopes for this years awards ceremony... why you ask? Was more excited for Eddie Murphy than Billy Crystal, the nominees are all pretty boring, the awards are all pretty much locked up, and the movies this year well lacked big time. Even despite these pitfalls, I will still try and watch for as long as possible.

Here are my predictions: (and these are my personal not who exactly I think will win)
-Best Actor: Clooney
-Best Actress: Viola Davis
-Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer
-Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer
Best Movie: The Descendants 

Good luck everyone! Back to the red carpet.

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