Monday, February 6, 2012

Today is Tough

Why the day after the Super Bowl is not a national holiday is beyond me. So far I would predict that bout 5 minutes of actual work has been done in the entire office. So far this has been the breakdown:

-30 Minutes of me rubbing it in the person from Boston's face about the loss
-60 Minutes spent on talking about favorite commercials. (Mine is below)
-20 Minutes debating Madonna and the M.I.A. flip off to the camera
-10 Minutes on Gisele 
-10 Minutes on Kelly Clarkson
-20 Minutes on actual game talk (which I like many was pretty just disappointed in the lack of actual good football)
-Rest of the day has been spent on what everyone ate

All and all I stand behind the belief that today work should not exist. We are just counting minutes until time is up and we can all go back home, get under covers and go back to sleep.

This week starts tomorrow.

That being said, here is my favorite commercial and my girl Kelly Clarkson killing the national anthem. (In this sentence, killing is a good thing.)

and now Kelly.

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