Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar Moments in Photos

Like I mentioned earlier, the oscars were this past weekend and instead of giving you a big boring recap. With the help of some photographers over at Rolling Stone I will bring you the pictures that basically sum everything up.

Uggie from The Artist (big winners of the night)

Christopher Plummer set a record for the oldest person ever to win the statue.

Billy Crystal was eh. Felt like I had heard most of the jokes before.

Highlight: Sasha Barron Cohen dressed as 'The Dictator' spilled a bunch of ash all over Ryan Seacrest during the red carpet. 

Will Farrel tried to lighten the mood in the room. 

Of course Meryl won. Kind of surprised me but it shouldn't have...

And Octavia Spencer from The Help was the other big winner of the night. Her speech was pretty great too.

Yup thats all you needed to know about Sunday night. Carry on.

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