Wednesday, March 17, 2010

29 Best Ways to Spend $50 This Summer

Thats right, you've heard the rumblings, the rumors, read threads on message boards for weeks now but last night it finally arrived. Phish summer tour 2010 is off and running. In their usual style the band took to its website to confirm many of the rumors flying around the last few days. They are back with a two leg 29 date tour, hitting states like, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Colorado, and California just to name a few. If you live within the US chances are they will be by you soon. But do not wait, get on these tickets fast because you know they will be gone like hotcakes. Especially after last years Phish 3.0 triumphant return of what I truly know as the best band playing music today.

I will see you down the road Phish. Defiantly here in Va, and up in Maryland but who knows maybe a Chicago or could there even be a Telluride in my future? Only time will tell.


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  2. Thanks for all the info Todd! I joined twitter last week and your by far my favorite people I'm following!!!