Monday, March 15, 2010

The Boulevard

I have lived in Richmond on the Boulevard for the last five years and I must say that I absolutely love it. There is a little bit of everything, on the same street within walking distance you have a park, a shopping district, a slew of museums, baseball stadium, a brand new theater and many places to eat, run or just hang out.

Living by yourself is always a crap shoot. Will you feel comfortable? How will your neighbors be? Are you safe? I can say that for me, here in Richmond I feel as if the ONLY place I would live is the Boulevard. Easy reason why. The people! They are awesome and up no matter what time you come home at night or how early you leave to go for a run in the morning. No matter what there is always a friendly or drunk face on their deck waiving to you. Its just a very comfortable street.

A few years ago a neighbor of mine gave me the name of this blog written by some guys who lived on the Boulevard called I have been a loyal reader ever since. They track everything that affects the people living on and around the Boulevard. Street closings, accidents, crime, etc. Even the ridiculous stories, like the following (which happens to be my favorite).

All Richmonders know that last year we lost our beloved baseball team The Braves. They played their games down on the Boulevard at the was a sad ending to a loved city team. Well this year baseball is back in Richmond and its with I have to say...okay The Flying Squirrels. Yes the flying squirrels are Richmonds new mascot or shall I say "Nutzy" the official mascot.

Well back to business. When the braves were occupying the stadium they have a sculpture better known as "Connecticut". Its of an American Indian perching over the side of the stadium peering out to all who enter. Its actually a terrifying sculpture but a noticeable one either way. So its not a suprise that the flying squirels did not want this figure at their new stadium so it needed to be moved.

This is where the boulevardizen comes into play. They have been tracking its movements for the last few months and finally yesterday we got some updates.

He was officially moved Saturday. Yup thats right. Hes gone. This was the scene of him leaving. Its still terrifying.

Then in what was the most genius idea ever, they started brainstorming places where the head would fit here in Richmond. The results were nothing short of amazing. The following photo is my favorite. Not only is it still on the Boulevard but its plays into the "museum district" theme. I love it. And to anyone who lives here in Richmond and is interested in whats going on in the Fan check out their blog (link on side of page in blog list) its fun!

hahaha. Oh you!

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