Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Breakfast Machine

This post is in dedication to my little brother Rick. Growing up Rick had a few people that he looked up to to, Neil Armstrong, the men on the weather channel, the guy who invented the TCBY commercial with the aliens and most importantly Pee-Wee Herman. Rick today I bring to you your real life dream come true. A machine that actually beats Pee-Wee Big Adventure's Breakfast Machine. Thats right you heard me. I found a machine that actually kicks this ones ass.

Yes, we all know and loved the breakfast machine from Pee-Wee's movie, how could you not? I remember Rick and I having at length conversations about how we could acquire one. (That granted was before Pee-Wee's bike was stolen and Rick ran out screaming). I mean really anyone who didn't want either one of these or the one from the Jetson's just has something wrong with them.

So you can imagine my excitement today when I stumbled upon this video for OK Go's new video. Yes the guys that made the internet video using a treadmill. They are at it again, this time assembling a machine that really is the best I've ever seen. I hate to say this but it makes pee-wee's look like something a 2nd grader made. Yeah that confidant.

I really don't care for the song. I can't even tell you if I even listened to it, but the video. Well definitely awesome. Enjoy.

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