Monday, March 22, 2010

She & Him

Now I am not the biggest fans of actors turned musicians. I much rather prefer it the other way around, I do think that some musicians can pull off being actors. For some reason I find that a whole lot more do-able. Yet every once in a while there is an actor that peaks your interest with their voice. Maybe it started when they had a part in a movie and made it work from there. But not this project.

She & Him is an indie folk band consisting of Zoey DeChanel (Almost Famous, 500 Days of Summer, Elf) she sings and plays the banjo and her partner in crime is M. Ward who plays the guitar. The band's first album Volume One was released last year and gained a lot of critics praise. With a definite "California Vibe" to their music they defiantly have taken the high road and used Zoey's voice for the airy breezy tunes that it requires. This album is just really well made and produced. Check out their first single below "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?". I just love it. Its perfect.

Plans for their second album Volume Two and a tour is scheduled for 2010.

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