Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Piece of My Heart

Earlier today I posted two videos of two covers of "Me and Bobby McGee" well I figured I'd continue a theme of covering classic songs that Janis made popular and another one came to mind. A few years ago at the Grammy Awards there was a performance by Melissa Etheridge and Joss Stone. While I'm not the biggest Joss Stone fans, I do think she can belt some tunes but what Melissa did when she hit that stage, basically set the place on fire. If you want just fast forward to the 2:10 mark. Talk about a rock star!

To understand the details of the event and how epic it really was. 1. It was the Grammy Awards. 2. Melissa was in the middle of a very public battle with cancer 3. She had lost all of her hair due to the chemo that she was still going though and chose to not wear a wig. 4. She put a very public face on her disease and showed women and men out there in the world that you really can do anything. Its the PERFECT cover.

Watch this inspiring video below!

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