Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Piece of History

Last night Phish was asked to perform on what was probably their biggest stage to date. They were asked to open, not just play but open the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony out in Cleveland last night. I mean the coverage landed them on the front of CNN's home page last night. Check it out!
Yes, thats right your seeing this correct Phish is the headline and lead article on CNN. haha. This is a once in a lifetime thing here. This band who has been around for 25+ years took them this long to get this press. Thats incredibly funny to me, considering their talent. Either way I'll take it.

So back to the story. Last night Phish was asked to induct Genesis to the Hall of Fame. Phish started the show off by playing a cover of Genesis's "Watcher of the Skies". This was absolutely amazing, even the members of Genesis tipped their hat to them on the stage saying "yeah we could never play it like that". They took a room full of big a list starts (Meryl Streep, Springstein, Eddie Vedder) and had them stopping and staring in amazement. After this song, Trey came out to give a heart felt speech about the influence that Genesis has had in his musical past. Looking back on the night I'm sure that they are glad to have picked Trey to give this speech. He was eloquent, smart, and real. He loves this band and it showed. Finally after Phil Collins and the boys took the stage to receive their award. Phish came back on stage one last time to tackle the classic "No Reply At All". Do me a favor and take some time out of your day to watch the video below, and you will know why they picked Phish to play these songs. Its an easy and simple reason. There is no other band out there that could play it, think about. Who?

Enjoy and congrats to Phish for hitting it big on the biggest stage in Rock n Roll.

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