Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its Time For Peeps!

Yes, I said it. You know its time. Easter is Sunday. Which means the Washington Post is ready to announce their annual "Peep Diorama" winner! For full details on the event click HERE.

Yes, I do find these things to be some of the most hilarious projects around. Not just because they look ridiculous, but can you imagine the people who take the time to do this? The details that go into it? The thought to be a fly on that wall.

So whether you find this stuff to be ridiculous, funny or just obnoxious. I dare you not to laugh at the following ones.

The Simpsons Peeps

Big Peepin'

"I ain't afraid of no peeps"

Rescue on the Hudson

This years contest winner, from the movie Up!

And my personal favorite. Sesame Peep.

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