Thursday, March 25, 2010

Phish Brooklyn

So all this talk about Phish heading to the movies has obviously gotten me very excited. I can't help but think about the last time I went to the movies to see something with Phish. The year 2004. The place, who knows where down in Norfolk Virginia. Who. Jeff and I. We drove up from OBX with one mission. We could not make it all the way to Brooklyn for the show but we could make it to a theater which was showing it live. Thats right. Back in the summer of 2004. In their infamous "last tour ever" they played a show in Brooklyn and simultaneously showed it in abut 25 theaters across the country. The closest was hours away. We chose to throw caution to the wind and drive to the theater. What we found was HILARIOUS. People had tanks in the parking lot, there was a set break filled with people running to their cars, I was standing up in a theater dancing, singing, laughing with a full room full of fans. It was so much fun! Weird. But something I will never forget.

Enjoy this video of behind the scenes of their Brooklyn show. Yes, thats right the one where Jay-Z came out with Phish. Yes that did happen. Again weird, but mad fun!

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