Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Last Request

Have you ever had a song play and you can instantly see the video in your head. Not the real music video but the music video that you have created in the world that exists in between your two ears. Yeah well it pretty much happens to me on a daily basis. Its one of the things I love the most about music; the creativity it inspires.

The following is what I think of when I hear the following song. "Last Request" by Paolo Nutini. If you don't know about this artist. I not only highly suggest his first two albums, I love them so much that if you just ask me I'd be happy to burn you copies or send them to you digitally. Its worth it trust me. Some great songs include: New Shoes, Million Faces and Rewind. Trust

Okay heres the video:

And here are my thoughts on how the video should have gone:
Its the story about the end of a relationship. A relationship that had the couple living together (its important).

It starts with a big fight in a living room, glasses shattering just messy all together. The girl is crying shaking her head, she mouths the words "its over,i'm leaving" and he throws up his hands. The retreat to their respected corners.

It hits the chorus and goes back to the good times in their relationship, the good memories, the dinners, the concerts, the fun times.

Every time it breaks out of the chorus and back into the lyrics it should go back to them packing up their stuff singling the end of their relationship.

The chorus comes back and they are found again both staring out of windows or into their bags remembering the good times. "Grant my last request and let me hold you, sure I can't accept were going nowhere but one last time lets go there" sums that up pretty well.

The video starts winding down with the bags have all left the apartment and they are finished. The relationship is done, yet the chorus breaks down one last time and they find each other in the empty apartment where they are lying in the middle of the floor holding hands remember what could have been, what was and ultimately the end.

There it is. My simple breakdown of what should be his video to this song.

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