Thursday, March 18, 2010

R.I.P Alex Chilton

Man, it feel like I do one of these once a week. Its really really tragic.

Yesterday the world lost one hell of a legendary musician in Alex Chilton. Born in 1950, this American songwriter, singer and guitarist is best known for his time spent with pop band the Box Tops and Big Star. His early success as a teen vocalist for the Box Tops garnished him his biggest fame but his star never dimmed as he carved his way through a fantastic indie music solo career on smaller labels. The man was such a talented songwriter, his songs were covered by numerous artists and still to this day you can hear his influence ring in such bands as REM.

This man has sang two of my most favorite songs of all time. He is a legend of his own time and his untimely passing yesterday will surely shake the music world.

-The first song "The Letter" is probably on battle with a Van Morrison song for my favorite all time song ever. I just absolutely love it, I love the rhythm, the lyrics the jam. And this mans voice. Do you know he was only 16 years old when he laid down this track?

-And now my all-time favorite cover of a Big Star song by the legend himself Elliot Smith. This song is so great, so haunting so beautiful. RIP Alex Chilton, and thank you for everything you contributed to this world.

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