Sunday, March 7, 2010


I come to you today with a special weekend post, because thats right tonight is the nights of all nights....ITS THE OSCARS!

And to all who know me, know that I have this weird obsession with this particular award show. I aboslutely love it, its the cream of the crop, the one award show more than others I make sure I tune in from the start of the red carpet to the last celebrity leaving the press room. I love it all. Yes I know this makes no sense, and does not accompany my personality at all, but I think it goes back to when I was a child. My mother would get me and all my friends together and throw "Miss America Parties". Yes, thats right, we would all sit together pick our favorites, rate dresses, then their walks, down to their shoes. It was always a big deal.

So tonight, not to break from tradition, I am ready to watch. The broadcast red carpet starts in 20 minutes. I have my list of winners (COME ON HURT LOCKER), I have the people who I think will be dressed the best (Kate Winslet like always), and more than anything I have a refrigerator filled with food for me to munch on while I watch these people bring home the award that means the most to anyone in the business. Like I said, its the mac daddy of award shows.

And with that I leave you one last final parting video. The number one reason why I watch the Academy Awards is for the moments. The moments that will stay with you for years and years and years. The moments like this one, so inspiring that you would think it was scripted.

The following is by far the greatest acceptance speech of all times. Cuba is so emotional, he knows hes going to be "cut away" by the people running the broadcast so he hurries to literally thank everyone who he can think of. And then when the music finally kicks in for him to get off stage it sounds like it is accompanying his speech. He gets louder and louder, the room grows more and more happy for the man and the moment, and Oscar history was made.


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