Sunday, March 21, 2010

Garden State

Well I'm back after a few days of sunshine, relaxation and good times. I took a short break from the blog when the weather turned nice down here in Virginia. For some reason I could not justify sitting inside on a computer while there was running to do, shopping for St. Croix to complete and well just sunshine to soak in. So it was nice, but let me you the music that has been floating in my head for the last few days will take me a few days to get out but I will start out with what was my soundtrack for my life for the last few days. Its just about the best soundtrack that I believe has ever been made for a movie. Its the soundtrack to the Zack Braff movie "Garden State". I re-watched the movie this last night with a friend of mine and was reminded just how breathtaking the soundtrack is. I mean every single song had been picked perfectly, used in the right scene and really brings the movie to another level.

Here are some of my favorite songs from the soundtrack. If you do not own this one, please take my advice and buy it today. Its absolutely amazing.

So stay tuned people, keep an eye out for this blog. The music that will come across will make you laugh, cry and remember why it is that music is the thing that keeps me moving throughout the day. ~love~

- First song is "The Only Living Boy In NY" one of my favorite Simon and Garfunkel tunes. Its just amazing the way these guys voices are so evenly matched and accompany each other. One of a kind amazing.

-The second song is the reason why I love this soundtrack so much. It was the first time I had head of what has become one of my all time favorite bands. The Shins with "New Slang". This band is just absolutely amazing, if you have not listened to them before, again I STRONGLY recommend their first two albums. Do it. Now.

This video is well made with clips of the movie for you to enjoy. Great great great movie!

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