Monday, March 29, 2010

Favorite Oasis Memory

When thinking about a day dedicated to Oasis, I can't not think of my 8th grade trip to DC. You see my 8th grade was different than others. We had 32 kids. 16 boys, 16 girls. No joke. It was quite crazy. We all mostly got along, ate Tony's pizza together on the weekend, all rode our bikes to Justins house in the afternoon to play. It was comparable to Plesantville.

Which is why we were all so excited for the annual 8th grade trip to Washington DC. You knew about this trip from the kids in the grades above you who would talk about it year after year. It was amazing. They loaded you into a bus, drove you to dc, and let you play around the city for a few days with all your friends and none of your parents. Of course we were counting the days.

Now this trip was exactly everything that I expected. We ate too much junk food, we tried to sneak out of our rooms at night just to get caught by the "tape on the outside of the door trip". There are many memories from this trip that will stay with me for a while but the one that sticks out was the actual bus trip down to DC. You see Oasis had just released their first CD with all the classic hits. Someone in the back of the bus had the speakers that you could set up to your portable CD player and we blasted this cd the ENTIRE way down.

Most memorable...was this classic 7 minute song. I remember vividly singing this song at the top of our lungs cruising down I-95 on our way to DC....

If only life could be that easy again.


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