Friday, March 12, 2010


Pick up the telephone people. Lady Gaga is back with a brand new video that is nothing short of what expected. (Its soooo my most giggly voice I have)

The latest video is a 9 minute epic duet with Beyonce called "Telephone". The video shot half in a jail setting and half in a diner is just amazing. Visually stunning. Musically amazing. Outfits. Well hold on that I will address those in a second. Overall this video had me again impressed on the music empire that is Lady Gaga.

Yet what I will say what I like most about this video is it is a throwback to the old music video epics, the "Thrillers", the "November Rain", music videos like Meatloafs "I would do anything for love". These videos were epics. Big production, big premieres, the world stopped for just a few minutes while these videos were shown.

Last night the world stopped again for the premiere of this video.

The things you want to look out the most for are of course the outfits. They are flippin' fantastic.
-Gagas jail jumpsuits shoulder pads
-Using cigarettes as sunglasses
-Coke cans as hair rollers
-Caution tape body wrap
-Out fierce-ing even Beyonce
-Blue Rotary Phone headpiece
-The last outfits all together, and the Thelma and Lousie shout out.
Yeah overall. Kick Ass Video!

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