Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Pictures From Jim Marshall

Since this man was an absolute icon for his photography, I thought I would share more photos. This time with some insights from the man Jim Marshall himself.

The iconic image of the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival—Jimi Hendrix squirts lighter fluid on his burning Stratocaster.

"Carlos Santana at a free concert in San Francisco's Mission District during a Cinco de Mayo celebration, 1988. I shot this from behind the stage with a 21-millimeter lens. The glow on the guitar neck was just a natural effect from the sunlight." — J.M.

“I was shooting Led Zeppelin for Atlantic records at the Hyatt House in 1970. The group shot was taken on the top floor of the hotel, to get all four of them together at one time was a job, I just had available light and got some portraits of each of them by the window.”

"Jim Morrison at the Northern California Folk Rock Festival in San Jose, 1968. I don't think I ever spoke three words to Morrison. We were on the side of the stage and I was shooting with just one frame left on the roll, and Jim said, 'Hey Marshall, you want a photo?' and looked right into my camera. He was one of those guys in his own space. I never got close to him. My impression of Morrison was that he was like C.S. Lewis, spiritual without being religious." — Jim Marshall

"This is Pete Townshend, dawn at Woodstock. They had been playing half the night." — J.M.

A fisheye view of Santana's set from behind the stage at the Woodstock Festival, August 16, 1969.

"Originally photographed for a Saturday Evening Post feature in 1963, Monk sits at his piano dressed in a silk robe. The piano was kept in the kitchen of his small, three-bedroom apartment in New York City." — J.M.

The Beatles coming off the plane on August 29, 1966, before their last concert.

**inspiring images thanks J.M**

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