Sunday, March 21, 2010

DMB On Demand

Okay as most of you may know I have joined twitter for work but alas have kept it for myself. I'm not too keen on the updating people because I'm pretty sure that absolutely nobody including my best friends would care about that crap but the information on twitter is just absolutely amazing. I posted on Thursday that I started "following" this new guy who is running the @dmbondemand page and well he is making it his case to build the largest most comprehensive collection of dave videos on the internet and with that has completely stolen my heart. The videos hes posting are making me remember why it is I make a point to see this band at least a few times a year. Amazing musicians.

Here is one of the most heartfelt videos of Dave I think that has ever been caught check out this performance of "A Dream so Real" from Saratoga in 2008. I had read that they had played this, and I just wished that I could one day see it. Dave, on the piano, Tim Reynolds playing what is one of the sickest guitar solos ever, and the rest of the band playing and singing one of my favorite songs ever. My dream came through when the video was posted the other day. Now I know this will not be the last time I will post from this guys site. Its just too damn amazing. Especially for me the unapologetic Dave fan.

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