Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Reason To Hate Yoko Ono

Okay I know you guys have heard me rant about The Beatles images and songs being used on everything from Target commercials to American Idol and I do believe that this is singly the biggest travesty going on in music today. Its just not right no matter how you look at it. I would love someone to explain one good reason to let Target use the song "Revolution" in their commercials. Try me. Just one.

So like many Beatles maniacs, I'm not the biggest Yoko Ono fan. I just don't like what she did, how she did it, and just her outspokenness all together. She basically sucks, in all accounts of that word.

So just in case you need another reason to hate her, I have one. She has yet again let John Lennon's image be used to sell products. Not just any products. A CAR. Thats right, Mr. Lennon is Englands newest tv car commercial star.

In this particular ad (Which is made for Citreon's new "anti retro" car). Lennon is shown in an interview criticizing people who "rehash the past" in their own work. He states:
"Once a thing's been done its been done, so while the nostalgia- I mean for the '60s and '70s you know looking backwards for inspirations, copying the pas--how's that rock n roll? Do something of your own, start something new, ya know? Live your lives now. Know what I mean"
Yes that quote to me is all about selling and re-doing cars.

Damn you Yoko. You have disappointed us all again. I'm so glad that the Lennon my kids will know will be a completely different person than the man my mother introduced me to as a kid. Great job.

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